Debbie Rayfield

Homeopathy in Byron Bay

Homeopathy and Natural Healthcare for Children and the Entire Family

Debbie Rayfield is an experienced homeopathic practitioner, a registered nurse and a qualified Montessori teacher.

Specialising in Child and Family Health Care, Debbie is a homeopathic practitioner with over 30 years of practical experience, as well as a registered nurse and a qualified Montessori teacher. Debbie has extensive experience with Early Childhood, Behavioural Problems, Learning Difficulties, Stress Management, Asthma and Allergies, Childhood Anxiety and Depression, Ear Nose and Throat, Women’s Health, Menopause, and General Child and Family Health Care.

Debbie is currently practising at The Fountain Centre, Byron Bay.

What is Homeopathy

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, aimed to promote general health as well as the treatment of chronic and acute illness.

Homeopathy works by gently stimulating a persons natural healing energy to resolve the illness, fight infection and regain health.

Homeopathy works in a different way to orthodox or conventional medicine. The medicines that are prescribed work against the illness and its symptoms e.g. anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant or anti-biotic.

In homeopathy, illnesses are cured by using small, specially prepared doses of substances prescribed on the basis of similarity of symptoms, stimulating and directing the body’s natural healing energy.

Homeopathy and Children

Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and effective system of health care which is well suited to children and adults alike.

Homeopathy does not have the side effects associated with conventional medicine, as only trace amounts of the active medicine are used in a specially prepared form. Homeopathy is not tested on animals.

It is a highly suitable system of medicine for children and parents alike, and as has been consistently shown over the last 200 years and is suitable for the whole family.

Homeopathy For Children Byron Bay

Homeopathic Workshops and First Aid Kits

Family Healthcare with Homeopathy Handbook

Debbie holds regular workshops in Byron bay on the use of homeopathy for family health care in the home.

Many common ailments and minor injuries can be successfully treated in the home using these remedies.

Also available is a comprehensive home remedy kit comprising of 22 homeopathic remedies and a bottle of Calendula tincture held in a convenient box.

Along with the remedy kit a professionally bound 75 page book, “Family Health Care with Homeopathy” is available. The Kit and book are sold separately.

Booking a Homeopathic Consultation

Debbie will examine many symptoms, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in order to get a complete picture of the individual with the illness in order to prescribe the correct remedy.

Often it is the symptoms that seem almost incidental and unusual that are the most valuable to the homeopath, for they give the person with the illness their own particular individual character and thus suggest the remedy.

For example, each person with asthma will receive a different remedy according to their individual characteristics. A chilly, restless and impatient person with asthma that is worse at night will receive a completely different remedy to a person who is sensitive to heat, tearful, mild and shy and has seasonal asthma.

As the physical condition improves the persons emotional and mental state, for example, fears, anxieties, concentration, appetite, sleep etc. will improve.